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Αυτα δὲ σύ Καλλιόπα

Meredith. 21. Cis. University student. I like video games and Classics.

My title is fragment 79 of Sappho (And thou thyself, Calliope) and my url is from Vergil's Aeneid 4.252-3:

Hic primum paribus nitens Cyllenius alis constitit // Here first Mercury halted, poising on level wings

Primarily a video games blog. I also like to record podfic but I'm not very good at it. See my tags for the full slew of things I regularly post!


Túrin Turambar at Amon Rûdh.


Túrin Turambar at Amon Rûdh.

» SPARTAN-II BLUE TEAM: Battle in the Composer’s Forge


-Work in progress of Tuor relaxing at home with his son Eärendil

- Progress shots on the picture of Eru the creator with the Ainur

- Zoom on WIP: (L to R) Melkor, Manwë, Varda, Ilmarë, and Ulmo

- Another sketch of Eru


we had no way of knowing that the forerunners were not your only enemy. weakened from our conflict, we were no match for the parasite which pursued you.

in the forerunners’ quest for transcendence, the composer had been intended to bridge the organic and digital realms. it would have made us immortal but its results soured. the stored personalities fragmented, and our attempts to return them into biological states created only abominations.
for yoruiichi


maybe rt doesn’t realize that for the first time they’re largely writing for an audience who has been on weiss’ end of things more than they’ll ever be on jaune’s

maybe rt still thinks they’re telling a story to the boys who have had the pretty girl shoot them down, and not for the girls who live day in and out surrounded by the boys who won’t take no for an answer


Oh my god.

It has taken me almost two years to realise that the skull for Halo 4’s Legendary mode is the Ur-Didact’s skull (I always thought that it was just a Promethean Knight skull)… And it’s missing an eye, which links to Escalation where John stabs the Ur-Didact in (you guessed it) the eye.

Apparently, this was planned out well in-advance.


When we joined the Covenant, we took an oath.

On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons, we swore to uphold the Covenant!

awww yiss just had an incredibly productive morning organizing and labeling all my console cables AND I fixed the audio input issue I was having from running my 360 through the One’s HDMI port. now everything is untangled and wonderful and great and it’s time for some CELEBRATORY HALO

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