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Αυτα δὲ σύ Καλλιόπα

Meredith. 21. Cis. University student. I like video games and Classics.

My title is fragment 79 of Sappho (And thou thyself, Calliope) and my url is from Vergil's Aeneid 4.252-3:

Hic primum paribus nitens Cyllenius alis constitit // Here first Mercury halted, poising on level wings

Primarily a video games blog. I also like to record podfic but I'm not very good at it. See my tags for the full slew of things I regularly post!



"[The original Spartan-IIs] are a thing we’re fond of, and I, bluntly, don’t want to give away any big story spoilers for what we have planned for the historical Halo characters. But there are a lot of really interesting things related to your question that are going to become apparent in the next year or so." ~ Frankie



When the dude stood up to ask that question I was like BLESS YOU DUDE. Here’s hoping the big story plans they have for other Spartan-IIs will include game appearances, especially if this stuff is going to “become apparent in the next year or so”. Prayer circle for some Blue Team in H5G

It’s a bad ugh ur such a nerd bye (good)


have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone you can actually feel it driving you insane

corttana replied to your photo “ahhhhh I missed home everything is green and beautiful”


sarah-stark-jr replied to your photo “ahhhhh I missed home everything is green and beautiful”

u ghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ahhhh thank you you’re so flippin nice ;A; (sarah is that a…. .good or a bad ughhh omg) 

ahhhhh I missed home everything is green and beautiful

ahhhhh I missed home everything is green and beautiful

the best of your mother lives on in you. her determination, her intelligence, her strength.

t u r n  b a c k 

of all the H2A things I’m excited for, this cutscene is what I’m most looking forward to 

Miranda Keyes: piggybacking slipspace jumps without a destination solution because she’s just that extreme(ly badass)

The Halo books:






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